Email Migration Support


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve begun to phase out some of our older outdated servers and migrating the accounts on them over to faster more reliable ones.

For the vast majority of our customers, the migration will be transparent without any interruption in services. If you do experience any issues with connectivity, there may be a few settings you might have to change in your mail client.

If you normally use webmail you may continue to do so at the link above. Remember that your login is your full email address.

Email Client Settings:

      Incoming IMAP:   
               Port:     993   Security:  SSL/TLS
      Autentication:  Plain or Nomrmal Password

      Outgoing SMTP:
               Port:  465  Security:  SSL/TLS
     Authentication:    Plain or Normal Password

If you experience issues making changes to your settings, oftentimes it may be easier to just remove your account from the mail client, and re-add it making sure to use the settings above.

If you don’t feel comfortable making these changes or are experiencing any problems getting the new settings to work, please feel free to use our email support tool which can be downloaded and installed from the link below.

Download Remote Email Support Tool

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