We have used Indiana Telephone Network’s VPBX product now for 4 years since it was first released in 2012. During that time we made requests for new features as our company grew, and ITN was very responsive to those requests faster than we thought it was going to happen. We were impressed on how they have improved and continue to improve their products to help our company.
–Benson Communications – Business
We use ITN’s Vpbx product for our corporate office staff that works at a separate location from the Inn. What we couldn’t believe is how easily they integrated their phone service with multiple locations because we can simply dial an extension number instead of our corporate directory, and we instantly reach who we need to on the other end.
–Brook Pointe Inn – Business
If a tenant of ours wants phone service, we spell it out in our leases that they must first speak with Indiana Telephone Network. Not only do we use it for our staff, but every tenant thus far in our commercial properties uses ITN’s virtual pbx service that has phone service. They love the announce and forward feature almost as much as the price because it in incredibly inexpensive for unlimited calls.
–FTW Property Holdings LLC – Business
Most phone companies send complicated bills, and it takes forever to reach the right person if I experience an issue with my service…I have their VPBX and I absolutely love it! I can tell you that on the rare occurrence that we have had a problem, that the staff at ITN has addressed my problem very quickly, and if I ever have a question about my bill, they take the time to explain it to me. I can’t tell you how much that helps me when I need to spend my time managing my property and working with tenants instead of worrying about my phone bill.
–Wawasee Plaza LLC – Business
I have one word for this company, RELIABLE. This virtual pbx system that I’ve had for about a year is rock solid. My company is a management and payroll company that services 9 other companies…so needless to say if we don’t have working phones, people don’t get paid, and we go out of business. I can tell you that these phones have helped tremendously in the way and speed that we communicate internally and externally.
–William James Morris LLC – Business
We have been with Indiana Telephone for several years now and have not had any issues with our long distance service. We certainly plan to continue working with them in the future.
–The Towne House – Business
This telephone company is able to meet all of our needs with multiple lines and services. Their response is excellent when there is a rare problem.
–CBF Sales Inc. – Business
Working with ITN has always been a great experience. The staff is always there to answer any questions and provide help when I need it, and the quality of service is exceptional. We have formed a great relationship with ITN and plan on continuing that relationship for many years to come.
–Business People Magazine – Business
There is absolutely NOTHING I can complain about!!!! I love the fact that you send out all the helpful hints and tips; as an “older” adult and not growing up with all the modern technology; I do get lost and confused sometimes. So you helpful emails are something I look forward too. I have not had problems that I’ve had to request any tech support about; but I’m confident that when that would come up you will be right there to assist me.
–S. Six – Residential
I do like the small mom & pop style of your Company. Your personal input to customers is nice.
–Rea – Residential
My daughter and son in law have been with you for many years and only spoke wonderful things about ITN; so when I was finally done with the “other” company you were my first choice. Thank you again for your time and I do look forward to many years with your company!
–Sherry S – Residential
I really appreciate your email which shows that you are serious about your customers and your business.
–Will Y – Residential
The thing we like most is the fact that your help people on the phone are very professional and courteous.
–Bill – Residential
I especially like the new “potential” junk mail feature. After the first of the year I am considering changing back for my personal e-mail if you have a special.
–Vicki – Residential
Thanks for your periodic e-mails. Your virus and junk mail protection is great.
–Elaine V – Residential
Thank you for your recent emails. It’s very unusual, I must admit, getting emails from the owner of a company on a regular basis, acting like a regular guy. I kinda like it.
–John & Cathy M – Residential
I really am impressed with your emails and helpful hints. Thank you for taking the time to inform your clients.
–Teresa M – Residential
So nice to hear from a corporation President that cares about his customers.
–Regina L – Residential
I Think it is very nice for you to reach out and I can assure you things have been excellent with ITN’s service so I am a happy customer!
–Eichman M.D. – Business
Customer service should be like this everywhere!!!
–Steve and Pam – Residential
It looks like you are doing good things with the company now. Your attitude towards your customers is refreshingly positive. Which is, sad to say, a departure from most companies. I look forward to the places you will take Indiana Telephone Network.
–Bill K. – Residential
Thank you for answering my email. It really shows that you are dedicated to addressing questions or comments on a personal basis. In the time I spend in Customer Service and Tech Support I believe that for customers to be able to actually reach a person, via phone or email, is the most important thing to them.
–William – Residential
I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you took the time to send this email…boy in this day and age, true customer service just doesn’t happen anymore. I thank you so much and will continue being a long term customer..
–Mary G. – Residential
This is very cool! You can’t beat that personal, hands on contact w/your customers. We’ve had several businesses, in the past, & know exactly what that’s all about, so…..thank you.
–Diana K – Residential
I have always been satisfied, no, always felt like ITN has always been more than good to me.
–Frank G – Residential
Megan was very professional and helpful with my problem, it was taken care of very promptly.
–Jerry D – Residential
Yes it is unusual for anyone to provide good Customer Service now days.
–Darcy D – Residential
Thank you for answering my emails… So many company people don’t bother with us “little folks”.
–Mary G. – Residential
Thanks for the quick customer service and response.
–Garage-A-Records – Business
My business switched to ITN in 2003 and we have saved thousands of dollars since then. Getting one bill for local and long distance will be a huge time savings as well.
–Cool Beans Espressos – Business
The best part about becoming an ITN customer is our phone bill was significantly less and we see the same quality and reliability of service. Our phone numbers didn’t change, our service was never interrupted.
–Town of Syracuse – Business
ITN provides both local and long distance service in Indiana and all our long distance in 32 other states for our restaurants. The transition from our previous provider to ITN was seamless. Our customers and even our employees did not notice the change, but the bottom line did.
–Texas Roadhouse Restaurant – Business
ITN took really good care of us. Gregg walked our company through all steps, got us changed over to ITN and confirmed that all our lines worked properly. I did not have to do a thing.
–Miller Heating and Cooling – Business


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